Friday, August 24, 2012

A Memory In Four Acts (Recuerdo en cuatro actos). A short video by Omar Ramírez dedicated to Gustavo Thomas. (2012)

Photograph extracted from the short video "Un recuerdo en cuatro actos", directed by Omar Ramírez Casas (2012)

My last visit to Mexico City was in May 2011 and I went there for a very personal affair, even though I could save some time to meet my dear friend, the poet and video artist Omar Ramírez Casas.

Omar and I have talked about working together with our own video explorations for some years now, and this was a short but unique opportunity to do something we wanted. Without more preparations we decided one afternoon to go to plaza Río de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro square) in la colonia Roma and play, as simply as that: he exploring with his camera and me exploring with my physical movement. After some random shots we headed to his home where we recorded some other scenes, and we finished the day drinking some mezcales at a bar in Mexico City downtown.

Omar Ramírez Casas during that video session recording in May 2011 (Photo by Gustavo Thomas. 2012)

During some time we interchange some mails with ideas and video and sound archives trying to finish something with the material recorded in May but, as it happens with many projects, the distance and our occupations left the time go.

It wasn't till August 15, 2012 that I received a private message from him sending me the link to the video I'm showing today in this post; this video was edited by Omar as a gift for my birthday (the next day, on August 16th). Omar, as the poet he is, knows how to work with images in different ways than the usual story-telling of other video film makers, and his work has a very interesting aura of mystery and novelty (from my point of view); I really like his interpretation of what we recorded last year without any planning.

I'm happy to be the origin of this creation and also very proud of being his colleague in it.

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