Saturday, January 29, 2011

"La danza del padre" Second movement: Le père au coeur.

You have screamed and beaten, one of your children has fled from you.
You have fallen touching your heart with one of your hands, you're hurt and you're suffering; touching the wall with your other hand, you seem to want to stop the world with it.
We, brothers, cried; now, scared, we see our father fall.
We, as spectators, believe in your death.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"La danza del padre" First movement: Le père qui danse

I remember you falling because of the wind passing by the window, 
you screamed as if you said a word in other language, French perhaps (you didn't speak French). 
I didn't want to hear you cussing. 
You said your back was broken... 
I saw it all.

"La danza del padre", A Theatre Project Step By Step.

From now on I'm going to post every valuable step of my new theatre project "La danza del padre". The origin of this project is very simple: my memories of my father's actions around his hypochondria. 

I've called it "La danza del padre" because those memories usually come to me as physical and vocal actions and with the time they has been edited one by one in my mind, exactly as they were part of a choreography built inside me.

I love the idea of this stage process, and I'm aware of the possible pain it can provoke to me, but also of the artistic pleasure I can get from it, so it is fair I guess.

My last project (Asylum) failed because it depended of others to its realization, now it only depends of my own work, creativity and desire.

¿Do we start working?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Stage Director in Roberta Carreri's defintion.

Roberta Carreri, the Odin Teatret Actress, defines in her book Tracce the work of the stage director, in this case Eugenio Barba, based on her experience with the creation of Judith.

This definition is particularly interesting for us, people of the theatre, and specially for those dedicated to exploring the actor's technique. Roberta Carreri speaks about her own director, with whom she has worked in a unique, respected, successful and absolutely alternative theatrical style (or school) for more than 30 years:

(A stage director) is the person that during weeks, months, years, struggles to infuse life to the spectacle, first defending the actor's creativity, and then following his own creative logic to guide the sensorial voyage of the spectator.

Of course Roberta Carreri didn't write the definition per se, she just wrote about her acting experience and about her director, and this is what I extracted from it.

The original text in Italian says: 

(Talking about the process of Judith...) "Per settimane, messi, anni Eugenio ha lottato per infondergli vita, difendendo in un primo periodo la creatività degli attori, e poi seguendo la sua logica creativa per guidare il viaggio sensoriale dello spettatore.(1)

I like to get some definitions this way, because it always refers me back to my own creative interests, it works for my own growth; these are points of reference coming from others' experiences, from others who are the masters of my theatrical world.

(1) "Tracce. Training e storia di un'attrice dell'Odin Teatret." Roberta Carreri. Il Principe Costante Edizioni. Milano, 2007.

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