Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ID, A Cirque Éloize Performance at Toronto Buskerfest 2010

Cirque Éloize performance at Buskerfest 2010 in Toronto

Yes, I finally could see a Cirque Éloize performance, and it was during this Toronto Buskerfest 2010. For many years I was trying it but always something happened stopping me to go. 

ID is the name of Cirque Éloize's last spectacle, and it is all around street acrobatic acts, much of it with street dance (Capoeria and hihop styles), bicycles, street climbing, etc. It seems that it has been a great success in its natal Montréal and they are trying to expand that success to Toronto and all over Canada. 

The Toronto Buskerfest Cirque Éloize's performance I saw was only a 30-minute extract from the original spectacle (originally for an inner stage and not for street festivals), but it shows many of the impressive acts included in it: some street acrobatic dance, a play with a hoop, and acrobatics with a bicycle. Well, I said impressive acts, when actually there were not as impressive as they should be. After have seen the video you will agree with me that this was not the best way to introduce a very interesting modern circus company to any public, many of the movements during this performance had no strength nor projection, and some parts were almost bad performed. I guess it was because this wasn't the original performing plan and they were very aware of the danger of working on a stone stage; even do the bicycle acrobatic act is surprising and well done.

Now I'm looking forward to see this company performing on a theatrical stage (in October this year), and then add my opinion to that of many others who have seen Cirque Éloize before, that they are an amazing modern circus company with the similar level of quality than its big brother, Le Cirque du Soleil.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Sau'rus, A Close-Act Theatre Performance at Buskerfest 2010 in Toronto

Sau'rus, A Close-Act Theatre Performance at Buskerfest 2010 in Toronto

Street Performers from all over Canada, and some others from other parts of the world, gather every year in Toronto at Buskerfest. Close-Act Theatre, a Dutch Street Theatre group performed yesterday (August 26th, 2010) SAU'RUS, a spectacle where 3 actors on stilts and dressed like dinosaurs, walked all around St. Lawrence Market and beyond, playing with the public and posing for some great photographs.

Pretty impressive images, with no story at all, but they gave lots of fun and movement to this usually static festival.

I saw two performances, one during the day (at 4 PM) and other one during the evening (at 8 PM), so you have two videos to watch. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teaching without pupils... A poem from the Brechtian's exile.

Brecht during his exile in Denmark. Seated close to him, Hellen Weigel.

Sometimes life outside your country and your artistic field seems unbearable, sometimes is only a melancholic sentiment of emptiness and impotence.

These poems (quoted by Hans Burger) were written by Brecht during his exile in Denmark:

 "Teaching without pupils/

Writing without fame/

Are difficult."

"There speaks the man to whom no one is listening:/ 

He speaks too loud / 

He repeats himself / 

He says thing that are wrong: 

/ He goes uncorrected."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The legal prosecution of Art...

The precept of point 25 of the Nazi Programme of 1920, stated: 'we demand the legal prosecution of all tendencies in art and literature of a kind likely to desintegrate our life as a nation' ... but I listened and read that during my 4 years living in China!

What is this?

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