About Gustavo Thomas

  • Playwright, Poet, Stage Director and Independent Performing Arts Researcher. Seduced by Butoh and Digital Arts. A Taijiquan practitioner and a compulsive traveler.

  • Education: at the Instituto de Arte escénico (Mexico) (1983-1985); drama studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) (1985-1991); the Taller de Antonio González Caballero (Mexican theatrical playwright and researcher)(1983-1994); the Televisa Training Centre for Writers (Mexico) (1995-1997);  and Physical Actions Studies and Body Training with Jaime Soriano (member of Jerzy Grotowski's work team)(1992-1994), Workshops in Mexico City with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley of Odin Teatret of Denmark (1993); Workshops in Mexico City with Teatro Potlatch of Italy (1993); Latin American Theatre seminar at Havana, Cuba (1993); courses in video film at the Museo Carrillo Gil in Mexico City (1996); Taichi studies in Beijing, China with master Liu Lianyou (2005-2009); Worshops on Bunraku, Noh and Kyogen Theater Appreciation in Kyoto, Japan (2008); Workshop with Frans Winter, Odin Teatret, in Holstebro, Denmark (2010); Butoh Dance Workshop with Denise Fujiwara, in Toronto, Canada (2010); Whirling Dance Workshop with Ziya Azazi, in Toronto, Canada (2011); Butoh Dance Workshop with Jocelyn Montpetit, in Toronto (2010) and Montreal (2011), Canada. Butoh Workshop with master Yoshito Ohno at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio in Yokohama, Japan (2011) and in Montreal (2011).

  • Experience as an actor: Actor in dozens of plays from 1985 to 1998, as well as in 3 films, several television and radio shows, and art performances, etc..

  • Experience as a playwright since 1987, nominated for Dramaturgical Revelation in 1996 in Mexico City; 7 plays staged professionally, published 3 books, staged readings, and given courses and lectures at several institutions in many parts of Mexico.

  • Experience as stage director: From 1989 to 2005 stagings (and seasons) in Mexico at Casa de la Cultura de Morelia Michoacán, Foro Shakespeare, Foro González Caballero, Foro Contigo América, Ateneo Español de Mexico, Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Leon Trotsky's House Museum, Museo de la imagen, Tamayo Museum,all in Mexico City, as well as abroad at UNESCO Palace in Beirut (Lebanon), the Cervantes Institute in Beirut (Lebanon), among others. Director of Esférica Ludens Representational Arts Company, from 1997 to 2003. 5 theatrical production with that company, plus poem readings and performance art, all in Mexico City. (see link at the end)

  • Experience as researcher and teacher: Member of Performing Arts Researchers (IDAE in Spanish, based in the Foro Luces de Bohemia in Mexico City) from 1996 to 1998. Promoter of the first Cycle of Staged Readings in 1996 at the Foro Luces de Bohemia and the Cycle of Staged Readings at the Association of Writers in Mexico at La Casa de Cultura "La Pirámide" in 1997. Classes and workshops as an Acting Teacher at various Mexican institutions from 1987 to 2003. He was Director of the Institute of Performing Arts in 2001. Participant in festivals and lectures in Tepic (Mexico, 2001), Xalapa (Mexico, 2002), Puebla (Mexico, 2005), Mexico City (2005), Cadiz (Spain, 1993), Havana (Cuba, 1994). Member of the Mexican Association of Theater Investigators (Asociación mexicana de investigadores teatrales, AMIT). Researcher and collaborator for Máscara magazine (Mexico), specialized in theatre and drama, from 1992 to 1994.

  • In recent years: Writer and analyst of the A. González Caballero's Acting Method, having published two books about it. The method and its analysis are published also on a blog. (See link at end)

  • Dedicated since 2003 to travel independently around the world (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Iran, Greece, France, England, China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, USA, Iceland, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, and Canada), gathering all theatrical information available in video, audio and text, to present it on a specialized blog and, in due course, publish it. (See links at end)

  • Teacher of Taichi since 1991, student of Taichi in Beijing, China, from 2005 to 2009, and member of the Association of Tuishou Beijing.

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