Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Ghosts of my Theatre ( A Dream)

For years I've had to deal with my ghosts, who are my dead ones.

Yesterday, in my dreams, I was visited by two of them:  teachers of art and of the spirit, beloved beings.

One of them was finally using his time to fulfill the desires he forgot for living just for theatre,
while the other one continued his work, searching.
Both had contact yesterday night; they met, they smiled as their heads touched in a strange, friendly greeting.

I was visiting the one that was still making theatre, now in a faraway country, with people of different tongues and different places.
While I was telling him the reason for my visit, he talked to me while his head turned, getting next to mine, following the movement, then we both talked and turned.
I told him of my experience during the years of life we exchanged, of how everything was a result of his steps.

I had forgotten all my recording instruments with which I work nowadays, and I could only assimilate things, with them, participating, living and acting.

My two ghosts left, they got lost in that world that is my dream, fading in my brain.

Awake, they now remain just as a memory.

(Translation by Tadeo Berjon)

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