Sunday, April 10, 2011

Screen Photographs of Physical Actions and Body Postures From Meyerhold's Film "The Inspector General"

Meyerhold directing the film "The Inspector General"

With the new possibility of taking screen shots from the computer screen I got some helpful still photographs of physical actions and postures of each of the scenes of Meyerhold's film "The Inspector General", video extracts I published in the last post of this blog.

I have divided those extracts in 5 slideshow-scenes to better define the physical actions and postures to observe, and at the end you have the video of the film again to see those scenes and actions in motion. You can see the slideshows here in the post or  go to Flickr (just follow the link on each video name).

Unfortunately we don't have the sound of this film, but I am sure that the physical movement itself can be a very useful source of study


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