Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Teatro Cerezo" in Carmona, Spain.

I've been out for many weeks. I was traveling in Spain and also enjoying the beginnings of Summer in Toronto. My life is full of creativeness and, well, there was no much time for writing Blog-things.

We can retake our business with some new photographs, this time of the Teatro Cerezo (Cerezo Theatre), in the small city of Carmona.

Carmona is a charming village with a very long history; it starts with the Paleolithic and passes by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Christians, the Spanish Republic and the Spain of today. Carmona is a real jewel only 20 minutes away from Sevilla, in Andalusia.

History says that in the 1930's, during the Spanish Republic years, Bernanrdo Enrique Cerezo, an inhabitant of Carmona, won the Lottery first prize and offered part of the money for the construction of a new theatre. The theatre was built by the architects Enrique Romero and Emilio Ramos in a mix of architectonic styles: a very late art-nouveau external structure with decorative motives of art-deco, very in fashion. Today the Teatro Cerezo works as a city's events centre: cinema, theatre, lectures, concerts and events around its regional fairs and carnivals, including a famous Gran Festival del Perol, which take place every year in October.

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