Thursday, May 6, 2010

Toronto Freedom Festival 2010, a festival for the legalization of marijuana.

Yes, I know, they are not protesting against oppression, Capitalism or political power neither go hand on hand with those immigrant workers who were marching in other part of the city that May the 1st, but those 50 000 young guys were dancing, singing, laughing (and also smoking and inhaling) because they wanted the legalization of marijuana, what I think is a very civilized way to do it.

I love the idea of seeing this kind of popular manifestations as a form of performative events (like a religious festivity or a ritual) in where people participating assume their characters, dress costumes and have different make-up specially for the occasion, have an aesthetic vision of their festive space and of course get lots of fun doing it.

I hope you enjoy the images of it.

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