Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Premiere of "Inhalaciones" (2000) A digitalized video of the performance

Among those video documents I rescued from my own oblivion (I mean those in VHS format inside my library), there was the first performance of "Inhalaciones" (Inhalations) in July 2000 at Foro Contigo América, in Mexico City.

It was a very experimental work with the group growing in all senses; all the characters (also the text, the scenography, etc.) were created during the process, as usual in that time, through Physical actions technique and González Caballero's Acting Method, both in a basic level (the group had been working on it for one year, from zero), except for Guadalupe Durón who was my colleague at González Caballero's Workshop since 1986. I was not very happy with the final text but it worked enough in that moment, today I'm working in a new version of that text, 10 years later, more in the mood of a 42-year old house-playwright than a practical theatre maker, if you know what I mean.

You can find more information in the first post I published about this Esférica Ludens' production:

The video has been digitalized from a VHS format, so the quality is awful; the camera was at the second line of seats, and you will have to fight against the head and arms of a very energetic spectator and also with one annoying sound, a mobile ring, which was sounding all along the performance. From the camera point of view you will possibly miss a very important part of the space, a bath tub, it was behind the bed, on the right side of the stage. I know! This is not a very encouraging way to invite anyone to watch the video, but it is what it is, the only video-document that remains of this moment of my creative life and a moment of the creative life of at least 6 more people, and it was a duty. Even do you can find on it a very interesting visual production, hope you enjoy a little and find more interesting things to save.

The performance was cut in 8 videos, around 10 minutes each, and you can watch it on Youtube or vimeo.

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