Monday, April 20, 2009

A Shadow Puppet Exibition at China Art National Museum (2007)

Thanks to Picasa (and other Internet sites) now is possible to publish Slideshows of any groups of photographs without a problem of space in the Blog, so I decided to retake some important events and dedicate some posts especially for showing the whole group of photographs I took of them.

You already have seen a Slideshow of "Tenjin Matsuri Festival" in Osaka in 2006, and this time I want to show more photogrpahs from this shadow puppet exhibition ocurred in 2007. The post referred to it was published on August 15th, 2007:

This was a very special exhibition in China, for first time there were showed in one place such amount of Puppets from the last two dinasties and from all over China.

if the photographs are not well displayed just click on the window and you will be redirected to the Picasa page.

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