Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chinese Shadow Puppet Exhibition in Beijing.

As I promised here you have several photographs and two long videos (10 minutes each) with dozens of images of this Shadow puppet Exhibition at the National Museum of Art in Beijing.

During July and August were exhibited more than 500 of the most beautiful shadow theatre puppets from the museum collection; so, you will see pieces of art made by leather, color and imagination.

These puppets come from many areas of China mainly from those places with big Shadow Theater tradition: Sha'anxi, Fujian, Hunan and Beijing. Dates of manufacturing vary but we have many from the Qing dynasty (17th to 20th century) and many other from the republican and communism era.

We can enjoy very well these images as artistic objects, even without thinking about them as part of the performing art they were made for. You will also notice that many puppets got movable arms and legs, and those who didn't got them it was because they only served as "extras" or "scenery".

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