Friday, August 24, 2007

Mei Lanfang Hand Gestures. Part 2.

Mei Lanfang hand gestures (Slideshow)

Here a new version of "Mei Lanfang hand gestures video"; this occasion only photographs of those amazing hands, without text in Chinese or motion images. I thought It was important posting this special slideshow just to appreciate on detail those hand gestures Mei Lanfang used to do on stage.

Every photograph is taken from Chinese books. Mei Lanfang, the great Chinese Opera actor had pictures taken of each of his gestures, even hands, face and eyes, looking for establishing a document record for future generations of actors. Many of these gestures were created by Mei Lanfang, including those for moments usually devoid of gesture, or where he dared (as, from the traditional Oriental point of view, it was viewed as daring) to change something that had been done by actors for generations.

Add a vintage film with two short scenes mixed, Mei working with his hands without costume and with costume:

Today those gestures are part of Beijing Opera actors' repertory and they perform them at the same place and in the same way Mei used to do it.

The first version of this video was posted on July 22th 2007: Beijing Opera: Mei Lanfang hand's gestures

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