Sunday, August 5, 2007

A video of Khmer Drama Dance "Lakhaon"

When I was traveling through Cambodia (June 2007), and staying in the small city of Siem Reap close to Angkor, I could see some traditional Khmer drama dances performed by Cambodian teenagers .

It is remarkable how these drama dances are similar to those performed in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. It seems that all of them come from the same root, ancient Indian culture, and specially Hinduism with its different versions of the Ramayana.

Even their age and inexperience these professional teenager performers are doing something exceptional in this region, trying to preserve their traditional Performing Arts out of the big events in the Capital, Phnom Pen, at simple venues, like this restaurant for tourists in Siem Reap.

Please, notice how interesting are the codified movements of the dance, and music including the song in the middle.

To know a little bit more about Cambodian Performing Arts follow the link here.

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