Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The re-unveiling of "La Cosecha". González Caballero's National Homage

I've just received an invitation to the re-unveiling of the mural "La Cosecha" by Antonio González Caballero, donated by himslef to Hidalgo Theatre in Mexico City many years ago. This re-unveiling is part of the master's death commemoration and also the starting event of his National Homage.

Some memories come to me and I pleased with it.

I remember how 20 years ago (more or less) González Caballero restored the mural which was almost forgotten inside a big state cellar. Hidalgo Theatre administrators wanted to hold it on the wall theater's lobby, so the mural had to retake its brightness and González Caballero also wanted to repaint some parts of it.

During two or three Sundays and after our usual theatre laboratory session, I accompanied González Caballero to restore his painting; I saw how the mural was very damaged and how the master fixed every problem on it. After the work was finished, the painting had to be cleaned but some government employees were worried about how this could be done, then González Caballero brought one small plastic cube with colored water and told them there was a special substance inside the cube; after the employees went out assured with González's explanation, he told to me: "there is only water and soap; help me to clean this".

The painting was an interesting play of heavy figures and fluid movement, a mythic image which inevitably took me back to my first views of "The Spring" by Boticelli; it was possible to see how González Caballero mixed Classic structure with Mexican flavor bringing a beautiful and powerful stamp of life to my eyes.

Now, 20 years later the re-unveiling of this painting brings its creator back to live, a good starting point for this important national homage.

You can see the poster here, all the events are there including my participation with two lectures about González Caballero's acting method (see agcmetodo.blogspot.com), lectures that will be read by my Esferica Ludens's colleagues.

My congratulations to Wilfrido Momox and every one of the organizers and participants in this homage to Antonio González Caballero.

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