Monday, April 21, 2008

Shameful Street Spectacle in Chengde

It is sad to say that there are still some shameful street spectacles in China, land where tradition is almost lost.

China is a contradictory country with contradictory actions. Animals (and even humans) don't have the same rights that Western democracies (1) have tried to achieve since many years ago, but they say there are, just they have a different perspective of human and animal rights (?).

Last Saturday I made a trip to the small city of Chengde on the North side of the country, just after I had arrived I saw in front of the train station this street spectacle using animals, three monkeys. As in many countries happened 100 hundreds years ago these ignorant group of men were enjoying a cruelty way to amuse people.

I spent some moments trying to take the face of the "tamer" exposing his state of mind. I had to stop the video because his partner wanted I paid for it and I refused.

This is not the only example I found in Chengde, there was another one (with monkeys as well) on my way to the touristic sight, so it is a regular practice in this part of the country.

It is a pity because in this city I also found some very interesting examples of other street theatre spectacles I was looking for. Nothing is perfect.

(1) China is not the only case, Japan also share this way to entertain people in the street (maybe with less cruelty). About Western countries, it exists, yes (not anymore in the street), and it is still a problem to resolve, but there is also a big movement of consciousness among public in general about animals and spectacle. (thanks for your comment Emmanuel)

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  1. In Japan, there is also a troupe with monkeys doing acrobatic performances.

    I feel very strange and uncomfortable whenever I see this kind of performance on TV. Monkeys and any other primates share many affinities with homo sapiens. It seems inhumane
    to have them perform in front of people and make money from them...


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