Monday, May 12, 2008

"La Maraña". Esferica Ludens is back.

I started my Esferica Ludens project almost 10 years ago, but I stopped it when I decided to exile myself from my mother country. You can find in this Blog many posts about my work during my Esférica Ludens's years in Mexico City, between 1998 to 2003. (1)

The small group of collaborators I left in Mexico have kept contact with me all these years long and sometimes they have asked me for some kind of advice in their new scenic ideas but this time it has been different, they were preparing a new stage production for Antonio González Caballero's National Homage, a text written by González Caballero, "La Maraña". They wanted to use the name of our company, Esférica Ludens, and of course I said yes.

Esferica Ludens is back to life this 2008, this time with Francisco Camacho (Paco) as a stage director; acting: Marisol Solorio, Javier de la Vega, Guadalupe Durón (from Esférica Ludens), Tomas Esperanza, Humberto Castro and Patricio Castillo (as invited players). El Foro La Gruta, a venue for experimental theatre in Mexico City, is the place and Saturday, May 17th is the day. (3)

So, yesterday I received the invitation to La Maraña's premier, and I'm very happy and proud of it. It impossible to be there but my heart and mind will be.

My best wishes to all of them, my old and good friends.

(1) Esférica Ludens's productions in this Blog: Letanía (1998), Tríptico teléfónico (1999), Inhalaciones (2000), Oscuridad (2002-2003).
(2) There are two other actors but I don't know his names, sorry.
(3) I've been said that the first perfomance will be this May 15th during the opening day of González Caballero's Homage at Foro el Foco.

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