Thursday, December 13, 2012

9 Different Dreams Of Coldenss And Humidity (Digital Work Over Photographs From my Butoh Vlog. 2012)

9 Different Dreams Of Coldness And Humidity: Dream 1 (From my Butoh Vlog)
9 Different Dreams Of Coldenss And Humidity (Gustavo Thomas © 2012)

Those who follow my Blog know very well that my Butoh Vlog has become an unique source of visual art exploration, in video and in digital art and photography as well. Today I want to show to you a series of manipulated still photographies from one video of one of my Butoh trainings. These photographies acquired their own life when I was digitally working with them, and now are totally separated from the first impulse that provoked the movement in my training that day; you can imagine that is something I really love. They are now a series of 9 pieces that I've named: "9 Different Dreams Of Coldenss And Humidity".

Even you have here a slideshow with the 9 photographs, you can still going to the link in flickr and watching them separately, if you want:

Slideshow of "9 Different Dreams Of Coldenss And Humidity"

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