Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Rose (From my Butoh vlog) (Digital Work Over Photograph. By Gustavo Thomas. 2012)

The Rose (From My Butoh Vlog) (Digital Work Over Photograph. 2012)
The Rose (From my Butoh vlog)

(Digital Art Over Photograph. By Gustavo Thomas © 2012. All Rights Reserved)

Summer has left me a difficult path in my own work and I haven't had time to edit the videos from my Butoh vlog (and therefore showing them off), but the digital art that surges from them has not stopped.

The flower is an object-subject Kazuo Ohno used to work as part of their own training and as part of his workshops in Yokohama, and his son, Yoshito Ohno, continues to do the same in his own workshops. 

This flower I'm showing here (an artificial rose) was given to me by Yoshito Ohno during a Butoh master class he gave in Montreal dance school last October 2011; the flower is now part of my daily training ... and part of my own art.

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