Friday, October 12, 2012

The Diva and The Poet (A Poem)

María Callas and Pier Paolo Pasolini walking near Nápoles, during the filming of Medea . 1970.*


Look at them both walking the dusty streets of the mythical Italy!

Smiling, with happy steps,  
living dreams others would soon shatter 
till they saw them both down, dead. 

She sings poems, shows her whole self off while in pain.  
He sings poetry, and dreams of handsome proletarians.

Oh, their feet are big,
as big as their amazed mouths!  

(Gustavo Thomas © 2012)


* This photogrpah has been published in several sites on the Net and none gives the author's name; if you know the name of the photographer, please, give it to me to put it as a credit.

 *Original in Spanish. Translation by Tadeo Berjon.

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