Monday, August 8, 2011

Faces and Hands in my Butoh Vlog

Gustavo Thomas Butoh Vlog: Faces

As some of you may know I'm working in a personal project around my Butoh daily training, a Butoh Vlog, where I'm video-recording one small choreography which "emerges" from that training; every time a different choreography and every time an amazing experience (in my point of view, of course).

That Vlog got its own site (in tumblr: or here in Blogger with a special page for it:

Many interesting things have happened in that project and today I'd like to share something I consider remarkable, the visual possibilities Butoh offers to me. After many days working and recording choreographies with my whole body in movement, I decided to work only with body parts, first with hands (and arms) and after with my face (and head). The result as I say was remarkable, I liked too much and I can assure there is a lot of new possibilities for a creative work, specially in the field of visual arts.

I won't talk more about it, it'll be better to show it and you'll watch by yourselves. I'm publishing some photographs extracted from the video with my face with some photoshop effects, and after that the two videos, with arms-hands and with head-face, both with a special effect as well.

Gustavo Thomas Butoh Vlog for July 29, 2011: Two Hands / Dos Manos from Gustavo Thomas on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Gustavo, my name is Clynt Whitaker, I teach IB Theatre at a High School in Bangkok, we are currently exploring Butoh, and during my research came across your piece 'two-hands' - interesting - and I really liked the music - can you tell me the name of the piece?

    1. At the end of any of my videos you can find all the credits.

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