Monday, September 20, 2010

"Film Socialisme" (Directed by Jean Luc Godard), at TIFF 2010

Godard reminds us that cinema is images and sound
that the history of cinema can be other
as well as the history of mankind can be seen from other perspectives

Godard reminds us of the words of the critical idealist
Godard is a revolutionary cynic
Godard makes a film that follows the defeat in struggle
only to continue its existence

Godard is a master
years of creation through images and sound
years of thinking in images and sound
Godard shows us images and sounds

Sounds that are murky for some
unintelligible to others, 
difficult for all

Words and phrases
simple images, 
textures of simple images, 
simple people in simple images 
weaving a structure based on sadness, 
disappointment at the ideals of socialism, 
the ideals of the words people and freedom,

the struggles of those who do not speak of patriotism or nationality

or democracy

the horrors of what happened on the chosen path
and what will not be forgotten

A set of fantasy, a set of stupidity and cheap jewelry;
a ship
containing a few disillusioned and outdated passengers
and bringing them to a journey through history.

His film is the eternal sadness of what has been lost
and the illusion lost in the waters of the Mediterranean,
in its wars and its diasporas that have crossed it

Godard reminds us that cinema has changed
and now is part of something that not all of us fought for it.

His film, this film, is a film that doesn't recognize,
denigrating to some and not praising anyone. 
His film bothers anyone who speaks the language of those who have won 
The heirs of the victorious don't want to stay longer watching it and tend to go away 
not because of being against it but because they are unable to understand it 
Because they do not understand!
because it is not possible to understand a world that does not have the codes to understand others

In the beginning this world we now call Cinema was one of the Cinemas
and today it is all ... it seems everything.
It is already in our mind, we edit our thoughts with the way it is edited.

This is a closure only read for who lives outside.

Godard makes this evident to a few ones
most are lost when watching
they don't enjoy neither the words
nor poetry
nor the images, beautiful images of our time
They can not see the thought of the other,
nor their life reflecting in a mirror that have never before seen.

No one enjoys the last will of an old man
continuing to work in his Art
satirizing with ironies that no one can understand.

Godard is a language about to die!

As that Socialism he intends to speak of in his film,
as the pure ideals of some living,
beyond the mistakes of social ideologies in the past.

Godard is one of those last speakers of that endangered language
who speaks it only not to forget it
and it is no longer understood;
with a mythology of gods that no one worships anymore;

and is proud, excessively proud.

Because that language,
he won't teach to speak
to anyone.


"Film Socialisme"
Directed by Jean Luc Godard
Screening at Toronto International Film Festival 2010 (TIFF 2010)
Bell Lightbox 2
September 19th, 2010

Ticket of "Fim Socialisme", A Screening at TIFF 2010

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