Thursday, September 9, 2010

Antonio González Caballero Photographed in 1999

Antonio González Caballero, 1999
(By Alejandro Yustiaza)

Some days ago Alejandro Yustiaza, a former member of Esférica Ludens, sent to me a whole set of photographs of Antonio González Caballero at his home (and work place) in 1999.

There is something interesting in this set, aside of presenting more images of González Caballero the man, they show to us another González Caballero's home, the last one, in 20 de Noviembre Avenue, very close to the other one, both in México City Historic Downtown. We can see some of his paintings on the background of almost all the photographs of the set, and also we can get a glance of the last place he used to work at, giving lessons and transmitting his Acting Method. 

At that moment González Caballero's body was very weak after suffering several complicated surgeries, and we see him thin and tired; his hands, under the skin, are almost bones and veins, very impressive.

In this post I only share those photographs showing González Caballero alone, next week I will post more, he having a conversation with me and giving lessons.

You will notice that there are some images a little bit dirty or with some scratches, that's because of the time and problems with the digitalization. Be kind.

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