Monday, August 25, 2008

A Coca Cola Spectacle at The Place (Beijing Olympics 2008)

There is too much to say about Beijing Olympics and I have had to wait till tonight that everything is finished (I have just seen the Closing Ceremony at The National Stadium) to start thinking about it. But now I must work on it, thinking about what I have seen during three years of Chinese preparatives and, of course, these last two weeks of competitions, and then make some conclusions. It will take some time.

In a while it doesn't harm anyone to see a little bit how Coca Cola spent its money giving its own Olympic spectacle to Beijingers.

So, this is a video showing extracts from the Coca Cola Multimedia Spectacle at The Place (Shimao Tianjie in Chinese pinyin), that famous shopping mall with the largest sky screen in the World.

No criticism (Coca Cola has been criticized for so many years), no more comments, just these two videos:

Chinese boys having fun at Coca Cola fair (Beijing 2008)

More posts are coming with the same kind of content: simple things in video showing the ambiance, the venues, and how I have lived this important event (Beijing Olympics Games) I consider "the biggest theatrical production in history".

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