Friday, August 1, 2008

Chinese Opera, Music and Shadow Theatre Puppets at Mentougou Museum

Mentougou Museum, outskirts of Beijing. July 2008.

Mentougou Museum, outskirts of Beijing, is an interesting place to see documents of Chinese Performing Arts history through a small province village's point of view.

A permanent exhibition of Mentougou's Performing Arts shows us Shadow Theatre Puppets (Xiaweidian Beijing West School), Chinese Opera objects (costumes, props, and music instruments); and historical photographs.

Photographs of the permanent exhibition at Mentougou Museum:

Chinese Opera costume. Mentougou Museum.

Chinese Opera props. Mentougou Museum.

Chinese Opera musical instruments. Mentougou Museum.

Chinese Opera Musical Instruments. Mentougou Museum.


The same video in Vimeo:

Chinese Opera, Music and Shadow theatre Puppets Permanent exhibition at Mentougou Museum from Gustavo Thomas on Vimeo.

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