Thursday, February 14, 2013

A new short by Omar Ramirez using a poem by Gustavo Thomas

Photograph by Omar Ramírez (Omar Ramirez © 2012)

 I knew about a loss and its pain, when I saw that image (posted above) depicting those moments in the life of someone very dear to me I could only write a poem about what this image evoked in me.

As the original poem is written in Spanish I'm publishing here both versions: the original one and an almost literal translation in English: 

Sigo tus pasos

Miro aquello que de tí me queda
y en tus olores me desvanezco;
no siento ya mi sombra,
que es tuya,
porque estoy solo,
porque tu color yo pierdo,
porque aquí sin forma 
descarnado me dejas.

(Gustavo Thomas © 2012)

Following your steps

I'm looking at that which I've left from you

and I lose myself in your smells.

I don't feel my shadow which is yours,

because I'm alone,

because I lose your color,

because here, shapeless,

you … leave me ...


(Gustavo Thomas © 2012)

Then Omar created his own poem in video, using my voice and the poem itself, which I greatly appreciate, because the product is absolutely beautiful and strong, very strong, and yet full of great tenderness.

Here you have the video:

Video: Volcano (Omar Ramírez © 2013)

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