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"Trilogía Oscura. Parte 2: La Cura", a play by Gustavo Thomas in ebook format (2012)

Cover of the book "Trilogía oscura. Parte 2: La Cura", a play by Gustavo Thomas (2012)

In 1997 José Enrique Gorlero wrote about La Cura:

"Stories alienated in the past. Short, tight, meticulous language. References to fiction and reality. Personal search through the maze of shared stories. Gustavo Thomas created deep inside his laboratory where actors are the original subjects. Failure of the memory (the subject undoubtedly falls into this generation); defeating of love. The event that might have been, the caress that could exist. Insecurity of everything. Crisis. Probably the "cure" is a metaphor, absence, a calling for change.

"Sexuality as a pastime of the defeated, intimacy as a result of deep loneliness. Commitment and again, absence. Creatures of the end of the century: the blind, the one that sells herself, the ghost or the angel of death.

"Perhaps Thomas's thoughts and research include severe theatrical resources, the same textual synthesis that becomes image, sound, space and economy of gestures. Yes, it's another generation that flies over our theater, with the force that will surely reach the transformations. " *

La Cura is a strange text, all the Trilogía Oscura (The Dark Trilogy) I think it is; those are texts that offer me, as an author, a door to the unknown paths of my own dramatic poetry, romantic and dark poetry of the late twentieth century where I saw that love, sexuality and death were intertwined because of the defeat of the utopias and because of the raise of AIDS. 

This -only in Spanish- ebook version (September, 2012) goes beyond that which was staged in 1997-1998 at Foro Luces de Bohemia in Mexico City, this text is more mature, with more delineated and strong characters, but without losing what attracted me so much in those years of my life, a great sense of exploration and a researching of human pain and sarcasm in our speech, freedom ... 

The book is on sale in the Kindle Store site for US $ 3.00 and you can download it directly to your cell phone, your iPad, your laptop or your desktop computer:

Site of Amazon  kindle where "La Cura" is on sale

If you want to read an extract from the play it's better to download the "sample" than seeing the book inside that amazon offers, I don't know why the format they offer has lost all page breaks and that makes it look messy; the "sample" shows exactly what the text is like.

 * Original in Spanish:

“Historias enajenadas en el pasado. Lenguaje en síntesis, apretado, meticuloso. Referencias de la ficción y de la realidad. Búsqueda personal por los meandros de historias compartidas. Gustavo Thomas construye en la profundidad de su laboratorio; allí los actores son el origen del viaje. Fracaso de la memoria (el tema, sin duda, compete a esta generación); derrota amorosa. El suceso que pudo haber sido, la caricia que debió existir. Inseguridad del presente. Crisis. Probablemente “la cura” sea metáfora, ausencia, vocación de cambio.
“La sexualidad como un pasatiempo de los derrotados, la intimidad como una consecuencia de la soledad más profunda. Compromiso y otra vez, ausencia. Criaturas de fin de siglo: un ciego, la que se vende, el fantasma o el ángel de la muerte.
“Quizá la reflexión de Thomas incluya una severa investigación de recursos teatrales, la misma síntesis textual que deviene en imagen, sonido, economía de espacios y gestos. Sí, es la otra generación que sobrevuela nuestro teatro, con la fuerza que seguramente alcanzará las transformaciones.”

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