Monday, June 4, 2012

Einstein on the Beach this week at 2012 Luminato Festival in Toronto

Einstein on the Beach (Photo by Lucie Jansch, from Luminato's site)

Yes, in an unique opportunity that I never thought I had in my life (of course I ignored the permanence of this production from the 70s) Einstein on the Beach, the Opera with music by Philip Glass and stage direction by Bob Wilson, comes to Toronto for some performances at 2012 Luminato Festival.

I'm writing this short post as an introduction to that which will come after listening, on Wednesday June 6, to Glass and Wilson in a discussion panel, and that after seeing the opera itself in its 4 hour-version.

As you can find much information on the internet about the Opera and its importance for the performing arts of the late twentieth century I won't talk more on the subject. But personally I'll do it a little bit:

I've always fantasized about this production and his music, specially since I first saw photographs of  Bob Wilson's direction and later listening to that amazing Philip Glass's music which has followed me throughout my artistic life.  Some of you remember my post about my pain and regret when I was living in Beijing and, because of a trip to London, I was unable to see Pina Bausch and her company in one of his last tours (who would imagine that she would die so soon?), in a performance that included her legendary Cabaret Berlin. I do not want to make the same mistake, Wilson and Glass will be here, together, talking about their creation and I'll be there to listening to them as well. What should I say about the performance? The tickets cost a fortune but I bought them and I'll be seated in the best possible place.

For now I leave you with the material from the festival site:

The Fusion of a Total Artwork: Einstein on the Beach (by Jorn Weisbrodt)

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