Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Min Tanaka's The Rite of Spring at L'Ópera Comique(1987)

Min Tanaka

Some discoveries are worth sharing immediately, and it is what I'm doing now with this video of a 1987 Min Tanaka's production at L'Ópera Comique, The Rite of Spring.

I knew a little about Tanaka's work thanks to Jocelyne Montpetit, the Butoh dancer; she met him during the 80's in Japan and even worked in his company. Last November during the workshop I took with her in Montreal she told me about someone who has posted The Rite of Spring in Youtube, and that could be a very good example of Tanaka's work if I wanted to understand the words she transmitted about him.

For some stupid reasons I forgot the tip and it was till today that I accidentally came to that Youtube link. Of course I cannot talk more about Min Tanaka's work, but you must know that he's considered one of the most important heirs of Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of Butoh, but also a very important dancer and choreographer independently of his relation with Butoh.

The Rite of Spring was staged one year after Hijikata's death, and was considered totally a Butoh production (at least by Westerner's eyes), that style of Butoh coming from Hijikata's branch, the dance of darkness o Ankoku Butoh. Other thing was coming at the same time with Kazuo Ohno and his Butoh of light, as some have called Ohno's Butoh.

Please enjoy this whole recording of The Rite of Spring directed by Min Tanaka in 1987:

 The Rite of Spring part 1/7

 The Rite of Spring part 2/7

 The Rite of Spring part 3/7
The Rite of Spring part 4/7

 The Rite of Spring part 5/7
 The Rite of Spring part 6/7

 The Rite of Spring part 7/7

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