Saturday, September 17, 2011

Casta Diva (From my Butoh Vlog)

Gustavo Thomas Butoh Vlog (Sept 13, 2011) "Casta Diva"

I have to accept that I enjoy a lot this idea of moving during my Butoh training wearing anything that makes unrecognizable my "persona".

In my last Butoh Vlog post I worked wearing a wig, a woman mask and using a bed cover. The inner images were still there, of course (that's actually the job), but that play with objects provoked a change of style influencing my movement and of course the result in video. 

As usal, the music I was listening to during my training was not what you're listening to in this video vlog (I mean Casta Diva sung by Callas); I erased the first sound and then add the new piece when I feel this matchs with what I was seeing there. The final edition is unexpected, yes, but very satisfying.

I'm sharing some screen photographs (from the video, of course) and the video itself. You can find all posts of my Butoh Vlog in this page:

Butoh Vlog (Sept 13, 2011): Casta Diva from Gustavo Thomas on Vimeo.
Butoh Vlog (Sept 13, 2011): Casta Diva

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