Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Street Butoh Performances at Noge Street Performance Festival in Yokohama (2011)

I’ve already shared my experience as spectator of a traditional Japanese puppet theater performance (1) during this Noge Street Performance Festival in Yokohama. Now is the turn to show you some pictures and videos of the performances of two street Butoh dance groups: 
- 吉本大輔 Yoshimoto Daisuke (They call themselves in English: Ultra Ego.)
Watching Butoh in this kind of festival and space (an open space) transforms it in a more strange way than usual (we all agree that Butoh itself is not a very common performing art): it works very well in a visual point of view but it seems that all its characteristic inner strength disappears; it becomes a colorful spectacle and somewhat comical, but almost nothing in it recalled me traditional Butoh performances. Anyhow, that did not seem to bother the artists who were well adapted to those conditions, public and space, and even, I would say, they were acting in a kind of festive mood, very ad hoc with a street event like this.

The two groups performed on the same street space within the festival (24th, April, 2011), one after the other, and lasted about an hour each.

(1) See my post of April 4, 2011: Traditional Japanese Street Puppet Theatre Performance: A Drunk Scene and The Lion and the Butterflies. 

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