Thursday, December 10, 2009

Youtube canceled my account. For some time it will be impossible to see videos published before this date.

I had problems with Youtube because I published some videos which copyright was restricted or because I edited some background music that had rights, I did everything possible to avoid them by changing them, etc, but Youtube did not give me option and canceled my account. I had almost 500 videos, and only 5 had a problem with the video and about 10 with the background music.
It is a pity because all videos (nearly 500) that I posted on blogs (and youtube) are impossible to recover from there (Youtube) they simple erased all, of course most of them are mine recorded during my travels and my visits to the theaters or during my taijiquan lessons in China; so, I have to go to my personal archives and publish them again but it will be a very slow and annoying work.

I'll try to show them as soon as possible.

Sorry for this unfortunate incident.

Gustavo Thomas

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