Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gao Brothers's Last Exhibiton and an article from The New York Times by Jimmy Wang.

During my years living in China I didn't see much of Gao Brothers's work (many pieces and photographs were prohibited) but what I saw was enough to be confident about their way to criticize China and its government, I felt really happy with their sarcasm and my mind worked while was seeing their works.

I don't want to talk much about them, the article I'm posting here, from The New York Times, is a very good introduction and show what is most of them, their work. My only comment today is about their age: they are around 52 years old and not anymore members from a young generation; they were sons from a father killed during the Cultural Revolution, and they were Tian'anmen generation heirs... They got a great artistic value, they are politically strong and congruent, but as middle age men they have lost the power to influence others in their country.

My visits to many galleries in Beijing during the last 4 years only showed to me an enormous group of young artists working for money and "craziness"... That could be a Pop Culture characteristic for USA's 50s and 60s but, in 2009 China?

What happens with the new Chinese artist who only criticize "Chinese Pop Culture" while their government is still working as a dictatorial Communist bureaucracy?

Love Gao Brother's work, their sarcasm and critics impossible to see it in any Chinese playwright for example, but that means I'm loving what is not anymore a new way to make Art in China.

New York Times article about Gao Brother's last Exbition in Beijing
(Don't forget to see the video inside the article's page)

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