Friday, September 11, 2009

Times of changes... and the pleasure of reading.

Times of changes are now in my life, too much work and little silence (you will know about it in some days). What can I do when there is no silence, there is little time of calm and my mind is full of worries about present and future? My response to that... Reading.

I found in a second hand bookshop a delicious book (yes, question of taste), the 1988-edition* of "Stanislavski'. A Biography." by Jean Benedetti, and I'm more than delighted.

Jean Bendetti is the most important researcher of the Moscow Art Theatre's time, all around with the MAT company, with Chekhov and Olga Knipper, with Stanislavski. This biography of the Russian actor, director and theoretician, has brought to me calm and silence in the middle of my noisy current life. This is not a poetic book this is a relate of events, a depiction over one artist who has been present in my professional life during decades, a simple biographic book.

Every part I read can be compared with hundreds of other texts and references; I know everyone and every event Benedetti is talking about but now he has put them together giving to me an ambiance, an atmosphere, a set... That's simply delicious!

Comments about the book will come later, of course.

Stanislavski. A Biography
By Jean Benedetti
Methuen Publis hers
Great Britain, 1988

*The image of the book is from the last edition, not that I bought.

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