Saturday, February 21, 2009

三枝橘制作 Théâtre des Trois Oranges: 东宫西宫 "East Palace West palace" (A Slideshow from the performance)

A Slideshow of the last performance by 三枝橘制作 "Théâtre des Trois Oranges" in Beijing, China: 东宫西宫"East Palace West Palace", an interesting story about sadomasochism, violence and homosexuality in Beijing.

Written by Wang Xiaobo and directed by Xavier Froment, this play shows how two men, a "common" Chinese citizen who looks for sex inside the underground toilets of Tian'anmen and a policeman, find some ways of fighting and increasing their sexual desire.

I recorded also a video about this production directed by Xavier Froment, it is coming soon.

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