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The "Theatermuseum" in Amsterdam. A simple visit.

I didn't want to miss, and left on the side sharing them, some photographs and short (very short) videos I took during my visit to the Theatermuseum in Amsterdam, Holland, in October 4th, 2007.

Amsterdam is such a fantastic city! Among those canals of dream and hundreds of marvelous constructions and culture, there is a museum, in a 17th Century building, only for showing Dutch Theater. You would be surprised of seeing how long and important Dutch Theater history is, and how proud they are of their Performing Arts artists and achievements.

The chamber theatre of Baron van Slingelandt

At that moment the museum offered an exhibition about producing theater called "Backstage" plus the permanent ones, a Dutch Theater History Exhibition (interesting but in my ignorance of it it was just informative), and the best of all, a fantastic ancient scenery models exhibition (one of the videos show in bad quality one of this models), called "the chamber theatre of Baron van Slingelandt" . That is what they say about it:

"After a thorough renovation in 2002 Baron van Sligelandt's chamber theatre dating from 1781, one of the top pieces of the collection of Theater Instituut Nederland, is now on display in the Theatermuseum. The exhibition portrays the situation as it was in Baron van Slingelandt's home.

"It is the only remaining chamber theatre in Europe and is made up of fourteen complete sets from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The sets can be changed by the use of an authentic 18th century wooden mechanism which is housed under the stage floor. These sets served as a model for the sets of the 18th century City Theatre (Stadsschouwburg) on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam." (1)

Video of the chamber theatre of Baron van Slingelandt at Theatermuseum in Amsterdam

Photographs of the chamber theatre of Baron van Slingelandt at Theatermuseum in Amsterdam
(I say sorry because of the bad quality)

The Staircase

One remarkable point of my visit was the fantastic staircase this building has, a long "chiocciola" (snail-shaped) staircase. You can see it in the only good video I could take that time. My camera run out of energy and I had to use my mobile phone camera, a very bad one. Even do you will enjoy it, for sure.


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