Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"El Gran Teatro del Mundo" in Beijing (Second Part). Those marvelous buildings as a stage design.

It is said that Romans built large avenues and triumph arcs for welcome their victorious armies; it is said that Renaissance and Baroque European kings adorned their cities and built marvelous monuments only for 5 or 10 day-festivity; it is also said that a Chinese Emperor liked to travel through Yangtse river accompanied by 2000 members of his court and transformed the landscape of every part the procession passed by.

Now we can say... It is said that at the beginning of the 21st Century Beijing astonished the World , the city was transformed for a two-week sport party and many marvelous buildings were built for the occasion.

This is an only visual post, showing those buildings created as stage design for two weeks of a glorious theatrical production.

(Every one of these videos were recorded by the author's Blog)

National Centre for The Performing Arts ( The Egg). Day view.

National Centre for The Performing Arts (The Egg). Night View.

CCTV Tower and the CBD

National Stadium (The Bird's Nest)

Nada from Gustavo Thomas on Vimeo.

Swimming National Stadium (The Water Cube)

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