Thursday, February 7, 2008

González Caballero’s work has a new home in Mexico City, "El Foco".

After a long month of holidays (Chinese New Year and an amazing travel to Japan), I come back with very good news to write in this Blog, news I had read first on Internet and later had "officially" corroborated: Wilfrido Momox and a group of former disciples of González Caballero are now the people who manage the former Foro de la Comedia in Mexico City, a place which has been renamed as "El Foco". (1)

I have very little information so far, and I'm trying to find more and write a comprehensive post about this. It is said that "El Foco" will be a kind of headquarters for all of González Caballero's work in the arts; this means:

- Staging González Caballero's plays.

- Production of performances conceived with creative processes based on González Caballero's Acting Method.

- Painting Exhibitions of González Caballero's works.

- An archive of González Caballero's original documents.

- A Training Center with González Caballero's direct disciples as instructors.

This is not a project, it is a reality and it is working now.

Here is the e-mail Wilfrido Momox sent to me replying to my questions about what I had read in the cultural sections of some Mexican electronic newspapers (2):


It all happened very quickly, all of a sudden I was managing the space.

I've got a ton of plans for it. For the time being, it's already showing seven plays on weekends, we opened a gallery in honor of AGC, with 25 of Master Caballero's original "sing-sketch" drawings, and which will be the official seat for the homage were organizing for May (this year).

It will also become the official residence for Caballero's works, as we announced on January 14th in our official press release.

We're staging right now an exraordinary text by Caballero, called "The Exceptional Colonial Baroque Family from Narvarte" (La excepcional familia barroco colonial de la Narvarte), Fridays at 8pm, with very good response from the public.

I'm very happy, but I'm keeping a clear head, because there's not just creative work, but also the administration of the whole space, and that means keeping a hundred things in mind. Everything is marching alright...


Wilfrido Momox

I'm waiting for some videos and documents about this new venue in Mexico City and I hope to soon share them with all of you.

It seems that it is still called "Centro Cultural Foro de la Comedia" and the small theater "El Foco".
(2) Here is the original text in Spanish:


sucede que todo fue muy rápido y de pronto ya estaba al frente del espacio.

Tengo mil planes con ello.

Por lo pronto ya lo tengo con siete obras funcionando los fines de semana, se inauguró la galería con el nombre de AGC y con 26 dibujos originales y a un solo trazo del Mtro. Caballero.

Y será sede oficial del Homenaje que estamos organizando para mayo de este año.

Será así mismo la residencia oficial de la obra de Caballero, así lo anunciamos el 14 de enero de este año en nuestro lanzamiento oficial a la prensa.

Tengo un texto extraordinario en temporada de Caballero que se llama: "La excepcional familia barroco colonial de la Narvarte", los viernes a las 8 de la noche con muy buena respuesta de la gente.

Estoy muy contento pero con la cabeza fría porque no solamente es el trabajo creativo sino la adminsitración total del espacio y ello implica estar al pendiente de mil cosas. Todo marcha sobre ruedas...


Wilfrido Momox"


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