Monday, December 17, 2007

Mei Lanfang's eye expressions, an important document.

Being conscious about the importance of keeping alive his acting technique, Mei Lanfang, the biggest Chinese Opera star in history, left 48 photographs with his different eye expressions.

An invaluable document for next generations, not only of Beijing Opera actors, but for any conscious player coming from any theatrical tradition.

I saw these 48 photographs for the first time in one visit to Mei Lanfang Memorial House Museum in September 2005, and of course it was impossible taking off the photographs from their panels. So, it was until the beginning of this year when I bought the latest edition of the book with documents about the professional life of Mei Lanfang that contained these precious images.

I edited one slideshow with the whole set of photographs.

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  1. Many thanks for these wondeful photographies...
    I was searching for Mei Lanfang, and I arrived here, and I'm so pleased to see those eyes, this rare and precious document.
    I hope you understand my poor english, I'll visit your place again very soon !


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